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Site Plan

A site plan is required to obtain all types of permits. If you prepare your site plan on a separate piece of paper, you can submit it with each of your permit applications (Environmental Health, Building Permits, etc.) The following is a general outline and guide to preparing a site plan.

Sample Site Plan
Key: Note 1

Draw property lines and/or dimensions. A site drawing must show the entire parcel regardless of number of acres. (Deed or Plat can be obtained at Register Of Deeds).

Key: Note 2

Write in the size of the new structure (include length and width).

Key: Note 3

Show all existing structures and the size of the structures.

Key: Note 4

If there is an existing septic system, show distance from structure and where it is located on the lot. Show proposed area for new septic system.

Key: Note 5

Draw location of the driveway.

Key: Note 6

Show distances from the property lines to the structure(s).

Key: Note 7

Show where existing wells are located and/or location of new well. Also, show location of well(s) on adjoining lots.

Key: Note 8

Show name of street and/or road to property (see Geographic Information Services for information, if necessary).