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Storm Water

  • The Brunswick County Stormwater Ordinance became effective September 16, 2002
  • The unincorporated areas of the County are subject to the Ordinance. The County also has agreements in place to administer the Stormwater Ordinance in the following jurisdictions:
    • Belville
    • Boiling Spring Lakes
    • Bolivia
    • St. James
    • Sunset Beach
  • The Ordinance and accompanying Stormwater Management Manual outlines how stormwater runoff must be addressed for all new development and redevelopment in the County.
  • A County Stormwater Permit is required for the following:
    • All non-residential new development.
    • Non-residential redevelopment that increases impervious surface on the site.
    • Residential development that disturbs greater than an acre.
    • Residential developments where the site will be graded, filled, or excavated and therby change the elevation of an location by more than four inches.
    • Residential development or any related disturbance within 30 feet of the banks of a natural stream or water body.
  • Stormwater Fee Schedule
  • Stormwater Permit Application Forms
  • In conjunction with the City of Wilmington, New Hanover County and the North Carolina Coastal Federation, Brunswick County developed a Low Impact Development (LID) Guidance Manual to encourage the use of innovative stormwater management techniques. A resolution along with the LID Guidance Manual was approved by the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners on November 3, 2008. A LID spreadsheet modeling tool to aid engineers,Planners and developers with design and permitting the LID projects was also developed as part of the initiative.
  • For questions, contact Brigit Flora, PE, Stormwater Engineer (910) 253-2405.


  • The Ordinance requires individual property owners to maintain all streams, creeks, ditches, swales, pipes, culverts, etc. that are on the private property. The County does not provide maintenance of drainage ways. (Article VI, Division III, Section 3.4)
  • Fences or walls shall not alter or impede the natural flow of water in any stream, creek, drainage swale or ditch.
  • Drainage Easements must be maintained and kept free of obstructions.

Other Agencies

The County does not control stormwater conveyance along North Carolina Department of Transportation roadways.

Development in Brunswick County is also subject to the North Carolina Coastal Stormwater regulations enforced by NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR). Other agency approvals may be required. Contact NCDENR to determine applicable regulations.