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Code Enforcement

The primary goals of the Code Enforcement Department are to provide services to:

    • To eliminate neighborhood blight;
    • To improve the county's overall appearance across 856 square miles;
    • To protect and maintain property values;
    • To enhance public health, safety and welfare;
    • To ensure human habitation quality;
    • And to increase the desirability for positive economic development.

This is accomplished through mandatory enforcement methods in the inspection and progressive enforcement of code violations as pertaining to the following ordinances: Minimum Housing, Abatement of Nuisance Caused by Abandoned & Dilapidated Manufactured Homes, and Abandoned, Junked & Nuisance Motor Vehicles in Brunswick County as well as the removal of non-conforming roadside signs.

“The main focus of the Code Enforcement Department is quality of life issues. Code enforcement officers strive to pro-actively provide services to arrest, remedy and prevent the decay and deterioration of places of habitation as well as create a pleasant eye-appealing environment to people. Code Enforcement challenges and urges citizens to review their respective properties and eliminate any potential code violations and nuisance situations. In the spirit of community partnerships, take pride in scenic Brunswick County and together we can make a difference. For basic information, inquiries or to register a complaint concerning nuisance situations as relating to minimum housing, junk vehicles, abandoned-dilapidated mobile homes or trash-debris problems on improved properties, please call 910-253-2200. Thanks.”

       Code Enforcement

PO Box 249
Bolivia, NC 28422

Building J
80 Stamp Act Drive, NE
Bolivia, NC 28422
MAP - County Complex

• 910-253-2226 (Code Enforcement Administrator)
• 910-253-2200 (Receptionist-Office Assistant)
• 910-253-2225 (Code Enforcement Officer, Jeff Isenhour)
• 910-253-2227 (Code Enforcement Officer, Josh Stanley)
• 910-253-2224 (Code Enforcement Officer, Tony Wicker)

Office Hours
Mon - Fri 8:30-5:00