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Citizens Guide


Following is a general outline and guide to land development in Brunswick County under the Central Permitting System. This pamphlet should serve as a quick reference of County development standards and policies. For additional information contact the Brunswick County Central Permitting Office at (910)253-2055 or (800) 621-0609.

Central Permitting System

All Property Development Permits (i.e. zoning, septic, building. electrical, plumbing, insulation, mechanical) must be acquired through the Central Permitting Office. This computerized system allows all county permitting functions to be consolidated into one comprehensive information and permitting station. The system alleviates filling out many applications to obtain one permit, and enables the public to obtain permits more quickly and conveniently than ever before. More efficient use is made of personnel in other departments. The process is one of the most innovative and advanced systems in the state.

The first step in this new application process is to obtain a Property Development Permit. No building, structure, or land shall be occupied, erected, constructed, moved, or structurally altered before obtaining this permit. Upon approval, you may proceed with the application process.

Property Development Technicians will assist you during each stage of the process. To speed up the application process, please have the following current information available:

A. Property Owner’s name

B. Location Property

C. Tax Parcel Number

D. Active Survey or Recorded Plat

E. Storm Water Certification form

F. Two Copies of Proposed Building Plans

Schedule of Fees

Property Development: $ 20.00

Environmental Health: + (plus)

Site Evaluations--Application Fee

Recheck of Existing Septic System $ 200.00

2 to 4 Bedrooms ( up to 480 gpd - gallons per day ) $540.00

Five to twelve bedrooms ( up to 1500 gpd ) $640.00

Thirteen bedrooms and up ( up to 2999 gpd ) $840.00

3000 + gpd ( plus $100.pp per each additional 500 galoons ) $940.00

* Revisit fee for site not ready $25.00

Operation Permits

Authorization to Construction (New Site)

Type I, II, III system <481 gpd $ 75.00

Type II, III system 481 – 1500 gpd $200.00

Type II, III system 1501-2999 gpd $400.00

Type V system $400.00

Type VI system $500.00

Authorization / Connection $50.00

Mobile Home Parks

Relocation Permit $50.00

Well Permit $ 200.00

All connections to approved Community Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems will be permitted separately upon payment of the application and permit fee. Rechecks of existing septic systems are not conducted for site built homes.

Building Inspection Permits

Note: Some permits are issued only to state licensed contractors while some can be issued to the homeowner. Please contact the Central Permitting Office or Building Inspections Department concerning this requirement.

Single Family Residence:

Building: Based on heated, unheated, open, covered, & uncovered space

Electrical: $40.00 per visit

Mechanical: $40.00 per inspection

LP Gas Piping: $40.00 per inspection

Plumbing:  $15.00 basic fee

+ $ 8.00 tap fee

+ $ 8.00 per trap

+ $ 8.00 per hot water heater

Manufactured Home Building Permit:

Single Wide $100.00

Double Wide $150.00

Electrical $40.00 per visit

Mechanical $40.00 per inspection

Plumbing $40.00

Commercial Structure:

Building: Based on heated, unheated, open, covered, & uncovered space

Mechanical: Based on tonnage or BTU’s of unit to be installed

Electrical Temporary Pole Service $ 40.00

Electrical Fee $ 100.00 (1 to 3 circuits)

$ 150.00 (4 to 25 circuits)

$ 200.00 (26 to 50 circuits)

$200.00 base & $2.00 each additional circuit


Under 100 square ft $ 75.00

Over 100 square ft. $ 300.00

Electrical $ 40.00

In-Ground Pool:  $100.00
Piers:  Based on square footage
Bulkhead:  Based on linear footage
Tents:  No Charge