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Central Permitting

The Central Permitting Division is a centralized location that enables the consolidation of permitting functions for Property Development (Planning & Zoning, Building Inspections, Stormwater, and Environmental Health). Central Permitting provides assistance with information and the permitting process and provides FEMA Flood Zone Data.

The Central Permitting Division is responsible for issuing and reviewing the following property development applications:

  • Property Development Permits
  • Environmental Health Permits
    • Site Evaluations
    • Mobile Home Parks
    • Wells
  •  Building Permits
    • Single-Family Residences
    • Manufactured Homes
    • Commercial Structures
    • Signs
    • Pools
    • Accessory Buildings
  • Electrical Permits
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Mechanical Permits


All Property Development Permits must be acquired through the Central Permitting Office. The Central Permitting staff will review all permit applications for compliance with flood elevations, zoning, subdivision, CAMA, fire, contractor licensing, stormwater and other local regulations. Property Development Technicians conveniently assist the public through every stage of the property development process making more efficient use of resources and personnel in other departments. The system enables the public to obtain permits more quickly than ever before. This computerized system allows most county permitting functions to be consolidated into a comprehensive information and permitting station and is one of the most innovative and advanced systems in the state.

       Central Permitting

PO Box 249
Bolivia, NC  28422

Building I
75 Courthouse Drive, NE
Bolivia, NC  28422
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Phone: 910.253.2055
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