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Board Meetings


The Brunswick County Board Of Commissioners holds a regular Board Meeting the 3rd Monday of every month (or the next Tuesday, if that Monday is a holiday). The Wednesday one-and-one-half weeks prior, the Board and staff meet to set the Agenda (see Agenda Request Deadlines). The Agenda is available for public distribution on the Thursday preceding the upcoming Board Meeting. The Board Meeting Minutes are available for distribution a few days after the following Board Meeting, as the meeting minutes must be approved by the Board Of Commissioners before being published.

You can search and view Agenda meeting packets below by browsing with the HTML icon or by downloading the full PDF packet with the Adobe Acrobat icon.

Regular Board Meetings are held in the Commissioners' Chambers, David R. Sandifer Administration Building, at the Brunswick County Government Center at the following address:

Brunswick County Government Center
Old Ocean Highway
Bolivia, NC 28422

Meetings begin at 6:00 PM.

Special Board Meetings are not planned. These meetings are called when emergency or special business warrants Board action. When a Special Board Meeting is called, the local news media will be notified, and the information will be available on this website.

Participating In A Meeting

All Brunswick County Board Meetings (regular and special) are open to the public. [However, during a meeting, the Board might step away to private chambers for a closed session (Commissioners and staff only). Generally, you will see this item reflected on the Agenda.] There are 3 ways in which you can participate in County Board Meetings:

  • Monitor the activities of the Board, as a spectator at meetings.
  • Voice your opinions and concerns during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.
  • Be scheduled, on the Agenda, to speak or make a presentation.

Public Comment Time

During each regular Board Meeting (generally at the beginning), time is allotted for public comment (see Agenda). When the Public Comment item is announced, simply step forward and wait to be addressed by the Board. This will be your one opportunity to speak, so do not be shy. As a citizen of Brunswick County, you have a right to be heard. Use your voice now, and your vote on Election Day!

Tips On Speaking

  • Prepare in advance what you would like to say, if possible.
  • Tell the Board how you feel about the issue, but rely upon the facts of the issue.
  • Speak slowly, calmly, and clearly so that the Board and attendees can hear you.

Agenda Speakers

If you have an item of business that you believe requires action by the Board, request to be placed on the Agenda for an upcoming Brunswick County Board Of Commissioners Meeting. To do so, send your written request to the Clerk To The Board, at the address below:

Debby Gore
Clerk To The Board
Brunswick County Board Of Commissioners
P.O. Box 249
Bolivia, NC 28422
Fax: 910-253-2004

In your request, you must state the purpose of your presentation, or the nature of the issue that you wish to bring forth for discussion.