Sunday, May 24, 2015   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have emergency housing funds?
A. No. Each applicant is placed on a waiting list by date and time of application.

Q. Do single people qualify for Section 8?
A. Yes, if the person is elderly (62 years old or older) or is disabled (receiving disability benefits).

Q. If I already have a unit to rent, or if I locate a unit, could I get assistance faster?
A. No. The waiting list still is observed.

Q. Can I receive rental assistance while renting from a relative?
A. Only if there is a medical reason and documentation is obtained from a doctor.

Q. Can my Housing Choice Voucher be transferred?
A. Yes. Transferring of assistance is called "portability", and portability is nationwide.

Q. If I live in an assisted living facility, can I receive rental assistance?
A. Yes. Persons living in a facility that does not require a full-time nursing staff can be eligible for rental assistance.